Posted: April 17, 2024

Not All Propane Companies Are the Same

Make A Smart Choice To Meet Your Propane Needs

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The propane experts at County Propane take their job very seriously. In fact, all the technicians complete annual Operator Qualification (OQ) and Certified Employee Training Programs (CETP) to ensure they are installing and providing the highest quality service in the safest manner possible.

County Propane’s approach to safety goes beyond the training and certifications. It’s engrained in who we are and how we have conducted our business for almost 40 years. Not only do we ensure that all tanks are installed and maintained according to state and federal regulations, but also we are regularly called in to evaluate prospective clients’ propane systems to address potential safety concerns installed by supposed experts in the field.

The County Propane Difference

Discover the County Propane Difference. Here’s what has made us stand out from other competing propane companies for almost 40 years:

Not all propane is created equal

We provide the best value for your propane needs by offering superior quality fuel with our proprietary Premium Plus HD5. No other propane providers use HD5 Premium Plus gas.

We have removed additional moisture in the propane to help with equipment longevity. Also, a proprietary, high performance additive included within our propane provides detergent and stabilizing technology to reduce heavy end buildup and improve combustion in all propane powered equipment.

These result is improved performance, more efficient burning, reduced operating and maintenance costs as well as reduced equipment down time.

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Written by Beth Haynes on November 4, 2022