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Our Community Propane System is an outstanding solution for builders and developers

For more than 40 years, County Propane has been partnering with area builders and developers to craft an approach to efficiently deliver propane to the homes you build while also delivering savings to the homeowners.

The Community Propane System delivers all that and more! Propane’s versatility and scalability works for both single homes and an entire development community. The propane is stored in large holding tanks located in common areas. From there, it is delivered via a network of gas pipes to homes, which are equipped with an individual gas meter.

You’ll get a host of advantages for using County Propane’s Community Propane System, and you’ll also be rewarded for it! Partner with County Propane as the propane services provider for your home(s) or community and receive up to $1,000* per home. In our partnership, we also offer temporary heating solutions during the construction phase.

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The advantages of the Community Propane System

Your homebuilding or development project benefits from the Community Propane system because it provides customized, cost-effective solutions for providing propane to the homes you are building. You get our knowledge and experience on your side so you know that you are making the most of using the Community Propane System.

You’ll save time during the phase of installing your community’s infrastructure, helping to lower the cost of your project.

The Community Propane System makes your homes more attractive to home buyers. They get all the benefits of propane in their homes without needing a propane tank on their property, along with the peace of mind that they only pay for the propane they use. This allows for more predictable payments for them.

They also get peace of mind because they know that they’re getting our highest quality HD5 Premium Plus propane gas, which ensures top performance from their propane appliances. They also will have the security of knowing County Propane’s trained and licensed service technicians are there for them 24/7.

*Must be a builder or developer in good standing and in the current County Propane service area to qualify. Contact County Propane to learn more about this program.

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