Commercial Propane Services for Builders

Partner with County Propane for expert service!

Community SystemFor 40 years, County Propane has been helping builders succeed in their construction projects, whether they’re building a single home, a development or a commercial property.

One of the advantages of working with County Propane is that we are a local, established business. You get personalized and responsive service that no large national propane company can come close to providing. We understand the Southeast Pennsylvania region and its construction needs.

Drawing upon decades of experience working in the industry, we have harnessed our knowledge to craft the innovative Community Propane System for home builders. This unique approach utilizes a centralized tank or system of tanks for propane gas distribution, streamlining your building process and cutting costs by eliminating the need for individual tanks in each home. Your business can receive up to $200,000 per year in this program.

home buildersOur temporary heating service helps to dramatically reduce downtime, facilitating a seamless construction process. We provide tanks, heaters and fuel delivery with the flexibility to relocate to alternative sites as required, offering unmatched reliability.

Propane is the preferred choice, fueling essential systems, like furnaces, water heaters, outdoor amenities and appliances. It ensures a reliable and cost-efficient solution for your needs while presenting a compelling value proposition to potential buyers.

We also offer our Construction Incentive Program where qualified construction businesses can receive rebates from County Propane when they add propane appliances to their new-build home construction projects.

County Propane helps you keep your projects on time and on budget with our temporary heating services, which keep work going even in lousy winter weather.

County Propane is Southeast Pennsylvania’s leader for construction services. Get in touch with us for a consultation.

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