Commercial Propane Services in Downingtown, PA, and Nearby Towns

County Propane provides reliable propane delivery and services for your business!

Propane’s versatility and efficiency make it a natural for a wide range of Southeast Pennsylvania businesses.

Having a propane company that you can rely on is essential. That’s why so many businesses partner with County Propane.

We understand the needs of local businesses since we are one, as well. With County Propane, you get customized propane delivery and service, along with responsiveness and flexibility that you simply cannot get from a large national company. Because we care about our fellow local businesses, we also have an unmatched commitment to safety.

Everything about how we do business, from our pricing to our services, is transparent and honest.

We are so confident in our commercial propane services that we offer our Business Partner Referral Program. Many of our commercial clients are in building-related trades and have customers who either are adding propane to their home or need a propane company. Clients who refer their customers to us for their propane services are eligible for rewards up to $1,000, if the customer becomes a County Propane customer.

Businesses that benefit from County Propane’s services

home buildersHome builders: Whether you are building a single home or an entire development, you can benefit from working with County Propane.

We will devise and implement a tailored approach that efficiently delivers propane to your residences, which means a notable decrease in installation time for your community infrastructure.

When you integrate propane, you bring in a versatile and scalable fuel source that seamlessly fits most homes and communities. Our Community Propane System operates by distributing propane through an underground network of pipes. Large holding tanks centrally positioned in common areas are connected to homes with individual gas meters. This method means that homeowners only pay for their own usage, saving them money and leading to more predictable utility billing.

We only deliver our highest quality Premium Plus HD5 propane. This ensures superior performance in your buyers’ propane appliances. Also, our certified and licensed service technicians are available 24 hours a day.

Tradespeople: Propane is an indispensable tool on jobsites for all sorts of trades, including plumbing, electrical, painting, carpentry and HVAC. Propane temporary heating equipment keeps work going in cold weather while workers stay safe and comfortable and materials, like paint and stucco, are protected. Propane portable generators charge cordless tools. And propane forklifts can move materials efficiently both indoors and out.

Generator installers: As the nation’s electrical grids reach the limits of their capacity and face the consequences of age and lack of maintenance, and as climate change creates more conditions, such as storms and intense heat or cold, that lead to power outages, more homeowners are looking for ways to protect their homes when the power goes out.

County Propane will work with your generator business to provide dedicated propane tanks and reliable propane delivery to your customers, helping you offer comprehensive, one-stop service that potential customers will appreciate.

Fireplace installers: Fireplaces are a desirable feature for homes here in Southeastern Pennsylvania. They provide comfort and a cozy ambiance. Propane fireplaces and fireplace inserts offer all that without the hassle and mess that come with a wood-burning fireplace.

Pool installers: People who buy pools want to make the most of them. Partner with County Propane, and you can help your customers do just that. Propane pool heaters are not only vastly more energy efficient than electric models, but also get the water warm exponentially faster. We will install propane tanks and provide propane delivery.

Propane for your restaurant

Whether you own a mom-and-pop pizza restaurant, a large banquet hall, a catering business or anything in between, County Propane’s comprehensive commercial propane services help your food-service business flourish.

Propane ranges and grills offer precise and instant temperature control, allowing establishments to craft meals on a large scale while still offering exceptional quality. Propane also powers deep fryers, broilers and warming stations, while providing high-efficiency water heating for dishwashing and laundry needs.

Incorporating propane into your outdoor dining and entertainment areas at the restaurant can elevate the overall experience. Propane fireplaces and fire pits create a perfect ambience for outdoor gatherings, while propane deck and patio heaters allow for alfresco dining even in cooler temperatures. Additionally, propane grills provide diverse cooking options to enrich your culinary offerings.

Fuel your fleet with propane autogas

With County Propane’s propane autogas services, your business can benefit from using propane to power its fleet vehicles. Our Premium Plus HD5 propane is available, and we will create a delivery plan tailored to your business needs.

Autogas offers many advantages, including:

  • significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions
  • minimum wear and tear on vehicle engines, which contributes to prolonging their life span
  • no unhealthy fumes, like the ones from diesel, making it safer for both drivers and passengers
  • a near-complete eradication of fuel theft

In addition to commercial uses, propane autogas is becoming popular for school buses and municipal vehicles. The efficiency and money savings create a winning deal for taxpayers.

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