WILL CALL accounts require the customer to be responsible for monitoring your usage by reading the percentage gauge on the propane tank. Or go Worry Free Delivery with AUTO-FILL. CALL NOW to start your AUTO-FILL 610-269-7900 or 215-365-3200. If you chose to stay on will call you can then reorder your gas delivery thru our portal at www.countypropane.net or by calling to place an order for refill.

Please order your refill when the gauge is reading a minimum of 35-40 % capacity remaining. We are in your area one day per week. It is best to order on Friday or early Monday morning for your refill. A delivery will be made during normal business hours the next time the delivery truck is in your area on a normal delivery route. PLEASE NOTE THIS MAY BE JUST OVER 7 DAYS FROM WHEN YOUR ORDER IS PLACED AND WILL ALSO BE SUBJECT TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL.

If a delivery cannot be made due to circumstances (tank inaccessibility, road closures, weather conditions, etc.) the delivery will be attempted again during the next normal delivery route in your area.

Emergency Gas Deliveries:
If you find that you would like to have a gas delivery outside of our normal business hours or out of your normal weekly routing, there will be an Emergency/Out of Route fee up to $249.99 that will be added to your invoice.

If you wish to be on an AUTO-FILL status, please contact the office.

Phone: 610-269-7900 | 215-365-3200
Email: info@countypropaneonline.com