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We help you enjoy all that propane can do for your home

showroomYou may know that propane is great for heating your home, offering energy-efficient comfort. But that’s just the beginning of how propane can make your home better!

Propane’s versatility means that it can power a wide range of appliances. Our showroom, located at our Downington office at 410 S. Brandywine Avenue, offers you the chance to check out our smaller propane appliances. Our propane experts can answer any questions you have and show you how these appliances can enhance your home.

County Propane partners with local businesses that will do the installation of your new propane appliances. Are you looking to convert your home to propane? Our partners can do that, as well!

Propane appliances we sell

fireplaces & gas logs
Gas logs: Skip the hassle and mess of a wood-burning fireplace and go straight to relaxation and comfort with gas logs for either your propane fireplace or converting your existing wood-burning masonry fireplace to gas.
outdoor heating
Outdoor heaters: Enjoy your deck, patio, and backyard space more often with propane outdoor heating equipment. You can extend your time for outdoor dining and relaxation instead of being forced indoors.
Grills: With a propane grill, you can be cooking in less than five minutes, rather than spending half an hour or more waiting for your charcoal grill to be ready. You get precise, instant temperature control that a charcoal grill can’t offer. We make it easy to order the grill you want. Also, you can refill your grill tank at our Downington office during our regular business hours.

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