Generators  Get ready to warm any space in your home, cabin, garage or workshop with a vent-free, incredibly efficient propane space heater. These heaters are also extremely safe by protecting you against the dangers of carbon monoxide. They will automatically shut down if oxygen levels fall below a specified threshold. We offer a wide array of room heaters designed to meet your needs from wall-mounted heaters to portable heaters that fit onto a 20 or 100 lb. tank.

Gas Grill Tanks  Enjoy the outdoors while cooking on a gas grill. No more wait-time for the coals to get hot enough. Just fire up your gas grill and you’re ready to go. Enjoy either an easy-to-swap smaller, propane canister or opt for a larger tank providing a continuous flow. Either way, you will be happy that you’ve made the switch! Our refill station is located at our Downingtown office.

Camper Tanks  When you’re taking the family camping, be sure to outfit your RV or Motor Home with propane. Propane will more efficiently heat your water and service your cooker than electricity. We refill RV & camper tanks at our Downingtown location. Look to County Propane Company to meet all of your camper tank needs.

Outdoor Living Heaters  Extend your summer with an outdoor living heater. Perfect for patios, you can stay nice and cozy on those cool nights. Outdoor living heaters provide heat for up to a 20 foot radius raising the outdoor temperature approximately 10 to 30 degrees. They are safe and easy-to-use.

Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs  Need to heat a swimming pool or hot tub fast? Propane pool heaters remain the most popular system for heating your swimming pool or hot tub. They heat quickly and efficiently bringing your water to the desired temperature faster than an electric heater could. We will help you determine which is the appropriate sized heater for your in-ground or above-ground pool or hot tub. County Propane Company can keep you swimming and soaking warmer for longer!