Propane is one of the most dependable energy and heating fuels available, and when winter strikes it is even more important to know you can remain comfortable and safe when the mercury dips.

Don’t be caught unprepared, contact County Propane to schedule your winter tank fills or sign up for auto-refill on our Customer Portal to ensure you will never run out of propane. It’s also critical to ensure the completion of any maintenance and safety inspections of your propane tank and appliances are completed NOW to ensure they are functioning properly and you are ready for winter.

Click here to download our Winter Preparedness Checklist and see below for just a few services we offer to ensure you stay warm and comfortable all winter long:

outdoor generator

Generators  So how can you prepare for a power outage? One of the best ways may be a standby generator. The devices are wired directly into a home’s circuit breaker box and turn on automatically whenever there’s an outage. Unlike a portable generator, you don’t have to hook it into your home’s electrical system in an emergency.

Choosing A Standby Generator:  You can buy your generator from a home improvement retailer, online retailer or from a generator dealer who will offer installation and service. Whichever method you choose, make sure it comes from a reputable store or dealer and with a comprehensive warranty.

space heaters

Room Heaters  Get ready to warm any space in your home, cabin, garage or workshop with a vented or vent-free, incredibly efficient propane space heater. These heaters are also extremely safe by protecting you against the dangers of carbon monoxide. They will automatically shut down if oxygen levels fall below a specified threshold. We offer a wide array of room heaters designed to meet your needs from wall-mounted heaters to portable heaters.

County Propane Winter Service Fireplace

Fireplaces  Want the ambiance of a fireplace without having to clean up dirty soot and ash from a wood fire? Look no further than a clean, propane fireplace to warm up any room. They turn on and off easily with a simple switch or remote control eliminating any worry about remaining embers and are 90% efficient vs a wood-burning fireplace which is only 15% efficient. County Propane can install propane within your existing fireplace, and we also offer free-standing and wall-mounted design options.